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Maybe you have been approached by someone in social media or got a postcard from someone about a company called Big Profit System. If you are like many people who want to do research before jumping into something, this objective review was written in mind for people like you. Before diving in, you should know a few things about the company, its products, compensation plan, and business model. It is important to make sure this opportunity is actually legit so that you can make the right decision before going forward.

The Company

Big Profit System goes by a slogan that says "We Make the Sales You Get Paid". This website first came on the scene back in June 2012 but if you look further into who actually owns the website domain, there is no information about who owns or runs the business. When you look at the company's terms and conditions during sign-up, it mentions that it feeds sign-ups into a third-party business through its marketing system to help them produce sales.

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The products in the Big Profit System are based on a tried-and-true strategy to deliver web-based content in the form of information products as their product line. Although it does not sell any retail products or services, you can promote their affiliate membership which includes their proven marketing system. Instead of just finding customers to sell products to, they would rather that you focus on building your business.

Compensation Plan

As a membership-based program, the big profit system is structured with five levels of membership and five information product packages that correspond with the membership program for sale or resale. For example:

- Level 1: Members you enroll
- Level 2: Level 1's enrolled members
- Level 3: Level 2's enrolled members
- Keep increasing your levels on and on...

Commissions are paid according to the number of members you enroll. The amount you are paid per new member will depend on which level out of the five that person buys into:

Level 1: $500
Level 2: $1500
Level 3: $3000
Level 4: $6000
Level 5: $10,000

Members have to buy every single level in order to earn on each level and you can only earn commissions on the level that you buy in at. There is a one-time affiliate fee of $280 to join the system and then you can invest in up to five levels which would equal $21,000 in total if you were to go all in.

The Business Model

With this type of high-tier direct sales business structure, which differs from common MLM or other networking models, you have membership entry levels that are higher with up to $21,000 or more which helps you get a larger percentage of the sale. The business model is also simple and easier to duplicate in addition to a success coach that will handle and close all of your sales for you so that you can focus more on your business.

You Make the Call

Top-tier programs charge huge prices that give you bigger commissions; which is a major advantage with the Big Profit System. However, it may be hard to trust a business opportunity and pay $21,000 or more when you do not know who runs the company or what you actually get for the money that is paid. As long as you stay persistent and consistent in building your business, anything is possible when you join this system.

Chris Osiyi

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