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If you want to make money in affiliate marketing, you may have heard of CPA marketing as a way of earning money from home. This is an excellent choice if you are willing to work hard because it can definitely bring in some nice profits. Many people have been extremely successful with CPA marketing and you can do the same too.

How to Make Money with CPA

First, you must know exactly what CPA is and how to get started with it. You must also understand methods of promotion since there are many different ways to promote CPA campaigns. Next, you have to ask yourself if this is really something you want to do because the money is not just going to fall out of the sky. A bit of effort is involved and if you are diligent and persistent, you'll succeed.

Like any other job, you have to put in some hours and hard work in order to achieve success and reach your goals and know how to make money with CPA. You should also know how to join CPA networks because this is necessary in order to get accepted into networks that will help you earn more money online. But, once you've mastered the craft, you can literarily print money at will.

What is CPA?

CPA means cost per action or cost per acquisition. This is an advertising model where publishers are paid for an action that creates direct results due to their marketing effort. CPA marketing is different from typical affiliate marketing because you may not have to make a sale in order to get paid by CPA network. Instead, payments are based on lead generation such as submitting an email address or phone number to get more information or free product.

Promoting CPA Campaigns

There are several methods for promoting a CPA marketing campaign and many of them involve having your own website. However, there are some that do not. At the most basic level, the most important thing you should do is take the time to understand the product that you are promoting. Find a product or niche that you are interested in learning more about or actually purchase the product itself to know more about it.

Here are a few methods are commonly used for CPA marketing promotion:

1. Review Website - These types of websites will usually contain at least three or more products within a specific niche such as weight loss pills or E-cigarettes. You will usually be given a brief introduction of the product, a product review, and then a star rating out of five. All products will include links to a personalized landing page or lead directly to the merchant.

2. Sales/Landing page - This type of site uses a more direct approach by introducing a lot more information on the product using a direct sales page. This kind of site is also a hard sell and works to get the reader to either click through to the merchant's site or at least sign up for the site's mailing list. Many pages will try to get the reader to do both of these actions but it is often difficult to do both because too many options can mean lost clicks.

3. Splash page - This type of site usually relies more heavily on flashy graphics with punchy headlines and light content to encourage readers to enter their details or click through to the merchant's website. There is usually very little information about the product and these types of pages are reserved for products that need little explanation or are already well known such as an iPhone or "Learn How to Make $30000 in One Day".

4. Quiz/Fun landing page - This page is similar to a splash page but it is much simpler. There is usually a question with two or more answers that can be clicked on using very large buttons. Oftentimes, a game may be used on this page. This is a type of page that is not designed to be revisited. The sole purpose of this page is to get someone to click through it and get the offer now.

There are also other methods of promoting CPA offers to include:

- Posting to message boards
- Adding links to videos on YouTube
- Emailing a list of contacts
- Placing ads in magazines or TV

Can You Do This?

Now that you understand what CPA marketing is, you may now be asking yourself if this is something that you can really do. You will be happy to know is that there are people out there making thousands of dollars every day by simply running CPA promotions online. It is not some secret society or some fancy business model that only Harvard business graduates know. All it takes is a bit of work to get yourself started in order to achieve success in CPA marketing.

Join a Network and Get Started

Set the wheels in motion today by signing up with a network so that you will learn more about how to make money with CPA. The key to any marketing endeavor is to take action. If you read this guide and then forget about it after a couple of hours and never get started, you have just wasted a huge opportunity. The information you have learned today will get the wheels in motion so that you can achieve success and earn money online through CPA marketing.

Chris Osiyi

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