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After you've chosen the specific niche/product/service that you want to promote, the next step is to register a domain name. You can promote some products by linking directly to the merchant, but registering your own domain and building your site around the offer often gives a better return on investment. It also gives you an opportunity to interact with your prospects and possibly even get them on your email list for future correspondence.  And, Google now frowns at direct linking to your merchant.

So, we strongly advice you to register your own domain name. Personally I use Namecheap and a significant percentage of great marketers that I know also use Namecheap. The domain registration process is seamless, reliable, encrypted and very affordable. I have been using their services for at least 7 years.

Domain name is like an address for your place of residence. If your friends and faimly members want to visit you, once they have your address, they can get direction to your house via GPS, Google maps, MapQuest or whatever navigation system they choose to use. The same applies to domain name. You want your prospects to be able to find you, so choose your domain name wisely.

Lear How to Choose a Good Domain Name.

3. Write Your Content
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