Why Email List Building is Important to Your Success

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Some people assume that email is no longer effective when it comes to marketing especially with the introduction of RSS feeds and social media platforms. In reality, email is one of the most effective tools if you want people to listen to your message. All the leading social networks ask for your email address before you can open an account. This indicates that email continues to play an important role even with the increasing use of sites like Facebook and Twitter to communicate. For this reason, email list building is a necessity if you want to reach your audience effectively.

Email continues to be a powerful online communication channel. A large number of people continue to check emails when they start their work day. Some even check email several times a day. This means that you can get a lot of exposure for your message by simply using email. A 2012 study revealed that an average individual spends about half of their day checking their email inbox. 

Email list building allows you to grow engaged audiences, promote events and services, and sell products. It would be difficult to get the kind of exposure provided by email using other channels. When you send emails to a several people in your list, you are likely to get more replies compared to using blog posts. People usually click on emails especially if the subject is related to a product or service that they are interested in. There are various reasons why email continues to be effective over the years. This includes:

It is Personal

Email is considered more personal because it is both friendly and casual. This makes it a great way for you to establish trust with people. If you want to introduce a product, email can offer a casual way for you to mention it and interest them in learning more about it.

It is Direct

Email list building is essential because it allows you to take advantage of a direct communication channel. There are no middlemen involved when you use emails. The message you want to send out will be delivered directly to the intended audience. This is a significant benefit over other forms of communication such as print and electronic media where you have to rely on other people to pass your message to the audience. 

It is Private

Another important reason for building email lists is that it is private. This allows your audience to feel free to share their opinions. The audience can share their needs and ask questions without any public scrutiny. It would be difficult for some people to share their sentiments on a blog post because they will be judged by other commentators. 

It is Targeted

When you build an email list, you include the people who have already demonstrated interest in your services or products. This means that you get to market to a targeted audience. These will be people who have offered consent to receive your emails. This makes them more likely to purchase what you have to offer. It is more effective to use email because it makes your marketing efforts worthwhile. 

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